Dog Friendly Condo Wanted to Rent

I love Estrella del Mar and am a fractional owner in Phase 2. I wish to spend 6 months there next season (2017-2018). I have a professionally trained, well socialized Golden Retriever and prefer a 2 bdrm. condo in Phase 2, fully furnished including cable & internet.
I don’t use the AC so no drain on electricity and am a non smoker. I have a $1000-$1200 US/month budget.
Please contact me at if you have a condo you would rent to me long term.
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3 Responses to Dog Friendly Condo Wanted to Rent

  1. Phase1 Owner says:

    yes Phase 1 has all the rules to try and keep everybody out but she might stand a chance of finding a rental in phase 2 or 3.


  2. David Pratt says:

    I may be wrong, but I thought only owners were allowed to have dogs in their units. I remember that used to be a rule in Phase 1 Condos. Maybe it changed.


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