Dentist Recommendation Needed

I’m looking for reviews and recommendations for Mazatlan dentists. I need to finish my dental implants. I have the implant posts installed but now need the crowns on top. I’d like to get this done in early January.

Please reply in the comments section. 

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7 Responses to Dentist Recommendation Needed

  1. Ann Kirkland says:

    Joyce or Marie-Claude: could one of you emails or phone Dr. Isabella Cruz and give her my email address ( I tried emailing her but have not received a response. Perhaps my email address was caught in her spam filter but if she could email me then I can correspond with her. Please and thanks.


  2. says:

    Brent and I use Susanna Pedrero in Centro. She speaks fluent English has good equipment and is military trained. We have used her for years. If you are interested I will get her phone number for you.


  3. Joyce Pogue says:

    Ron and I also use Isabel de la Cruz and her husband Alex. They are excellent, quality work, reasonable prices and they are great about getting you in as soon as possible. I broke a tooth on a Sunday and emailed her and she got me in Monday morning at 11am. You won’t be disappointed.
    her email address is:


  4. Marie-Claude says:

    Fernando and our friend Emilio had Isabel de la Cruz for implant her number is 913 4643 and mobile is 669 163 1356 she has been our dentist for several years and her husband is endodontist. They are great if you call them tell them I recommended you and gave you their cel phone.


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