Another Report from Tyler

Good morning From Mazatlan. All is well here. We had some rain this morning but it has stopped. It’s overcast still but we don’t expect to much weather out of Lidia here in Mazatlan. So far so good. 

Lidia is still continuing North, North West direction up the Baja coast. The temperature is around 25C here in Mazatlan this morning. I don’t want to speak to soon however I think we are in the clear from what I can see in the future form Lidia doing us any harm. That being said I will continue to watch very closely…. 

I have edited the mailing list so I hope I have you all and if you know someone who might like the updates please forward them on to them or send me their Email. I have a Facebook page as well and I’m posting on that site.  

Again if you don’t want to be on these updates please let me know. 

Please see below for weather information 

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