Breaking News! Amazon Smile Now Enabled

The next time your order something on Amazon, please start your order by going to this link,
A full .5% of your total will be donated by Amazon to Friends of Barron. If you are at all like me, this could result in significant income to our charitable programs. Please use the link even though it is a bit cumbersome, its worth it!!

FOB CANAM INC {501(C)(3)}

Now that Friends of Barron is a 501(c)(3), we are eligible for many perks, one of which is the Amazon Smile Charitable Contribution program. All 501s are eligible to receive a .5% premium for everything purchased on Amazon by folks who chooses FOB as their charitable organization. For example, the next time you order those new gadgets, you can put FOB CANAM INC into the Amazon Smile box and .5% of your total purchase price will be paid by Amazon to FOB!  Isn’t that great??

We have just received word that we have seven University students seeking scholarships plus we are moving ahead on finishing the High School and building a medical clinic.  FOB needs your support now more than ever.

So the next time you buy something on Amazon, click this link to add FOB CANAM INC as the recipient of the Amazon Smiles.  In order for FOB to…

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