A Message from the Cunliffe’s

Brent and Donna Cunliffe would like to invite you to visit the new drug store, Farmacias Canada and doctor’s office next door, across from the Stone Island enbarcadero (water taxi to Mazatlan). The store has many behind the counter and prescription medicines. Ask our pharmacist Rodolfo or his assistant Melanie, both of whom speak English, about the many generic brands that can save you money. It also sells all hair and personal hygiene supplies, bug spray, SPF and regular lotions, baby needs, Mexican SIM cards and phone accessories, ice cream products, snacks, drinks, ice and much more. Farmacias Canada is open 7 days a week 9 am til 10 pm and offers free home delivery. Telephone number 981-9061.     As of November 10th, the doctor’s office will be.open Monday to Friday 9 am-1pm and 3pm to 7pm. Drop in and say hello to our English speaking doctor, Alejandra Cardenas.

      Check both of them out. We hope that you like them! 

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1 Response to A Message from the Cunliffe’s

  1. Jack and Tricia Woycheese says:

    Definitely will support your marvelous venture!


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