Remembering Rita

Hello EDM neighbors,

To read a lovely tribute to Rita go to Google and search Lima Family Mortuary in Santa Clara and search Rita’s name. The first service is Sunday from 5-8 then Monday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Tuesday is her burial. I have sent a large flower arrangement from our EDM Family which will be transported to all three services) , the cost was $216.00. Luis Lizarraga is pricing a teak wood bench to be build and installed (anchored in cement) at the Glorietta. It will be inscribed “In memory of Rita Pacheco- 2017 “. A card/letter will be sent to Rita’s family and to her siblings listing all the names contributing. If you’d like to contribute bring $25.00US (or 500 pesos) to Vi Cosgrove (Condo 405), Marcia Pratt (Condo 119) or Linda Shaw (Casa 1624 until December 18, back Jan 4). Please feel no obligation, so many neighbors have asked to be included and rather than miss someone I am sending to as many emails as I can find (some may be out dated). Feel free to forward this email to others I may have missed. If by chance more money is donated than needed the remainder will be used to purchase food/drinks for a “Celebrate Rita” gathering later in the New Year. An accounting is always available through Linda.

So far paid contributors are:

Ballion, Cosgrove, Crawford, DuFresne, Greiner, Lombardo, Shaw, Vagle, Young

Remembering Rita!

Linda Shaw

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