Regional Golf Tourney in Durango

The ladies golf club in Durango has invited the ladies golf club here at Estrella Del Mar to participate in their regional tournament in March. I am not sure of the format, but the ladies from Durango are excellent golfers and are very friendly. If we golfers would like to participate , we need to start planning soon.

Hola!! Buenas noches soy Fernanda Castro del club campestre durango! Un gusto saber de ud. Me comunico para hacerle llegar convocatoria y comentarle que nos encantaría que se animarán a venir vamos a ser muchos clubs y es primeramente para convivir y jugar con nuevos clubs 😁 .

Va a haber rifas, premios de oyes y un carro en hole in one. Cualquier información quedo a sus ordenes le hago llegar convocatoria y plan de actividades.

Hello!! Good evening, I am Fernanda Castro from the Durango country club! A pleasure to know about you. I communicate about an upcoming convocation and we would love to encourage you to come. We will be many clubs and it is primarily to live and play with new clubs 😁.

There will be raffles, jackpot prizes and a car in hole in one. Any information I am at your service. I send you call and plan of activities.


C.p Fernanda Castro

Captain Durango golf committee.

Cel: 618 1 58 45 74.

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2 Responses to Regional Golf Tourney in Durango

  1. Marjorie says:

    I would love to find out more.


  2. Heather says:

    This is a terrific opportunity! Would be fun !!


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