Please come and enjoy a glass of wine and view Resort Wear Clothing produced by:

‘Manos Felices” of Barron

March 1, 4:00 – 5:30 P.M., Palapa Phase 2

Several years ago, four ladies from Barron formed a Co-op with donated sewing machines from Canada.

The agreement is simple:

1. Learn to sew well enough to sell resort wear.

2. 10% of the earnings are to be used as needed to support their community.

3. Establish a fund for ongoing maintenance of the machines.

4. Return the machine to the Co-op if no longer contributing

Their names are Karina, Analin, Jaime and Marie Felix. They are lifelong friends who live in four corners of an intersection near the Elementary School in Barron.

This is their story:

Karina is the only one in the group that knew how to sew and quickly became the leader. She works in the fields with her husband. Their son attends the new high school in Barron and will graduate in June. The extra money has helped send their daughter to IMSS where she became a nurse and is presently working at the hospital.

Analin and her husband have a daughter who is also a graduate of IMSS. She watches her grandchildren so her daughter can have a career as a nurse in Mazatlan. Analin was able to retire after many years cooking on weekends to help her parents with their business.

Jaime and her husband have a 19 year old son who is completing his first year of university in Mazatlan. Their 11 year old son is a student at Barron Elementary. Their family is about to double as Jaime is expecting twins in early summer. Her passion was to learn English. She commuted to Mazatlan by bus three times a week for a year to attend classes and achieve her goal.

Marie Felix and her husband have 3 children. Their son is a field worker, one daughter is a maid at Estrella and the other is employed as a housekeeper. She travels by bus to Isla on weekends to work as a prep cook in a restaurant.

The girls have a special friend, Alma, who is an English teacher at the Elementary School. Alma and her husband have a son and daughter and recently opened their home to their young niece. She is a generous and caring support person who has donated her time as an interpreter for the group is their resident cheerleader.

The original group is still intact and have contributed in many ways to their community:

Bus fare for medical and other appointments; Prescriptions, Repairs for small equipment for workers, Clothing for events, Christmas for children.

They are grateful for the support they have received from the folks at Estrella Del Mar.

Sincerely, Marilyn Jarvis and her cadre of dedicated volunteers and artisans.

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