New Hours for Farmacias Canada

Farmacias Canada across from the principal water taxi on Stone Island is open 9 am-9 pm every day. Melanie, who speaks English works Monday -Sunday 9 am-5 pm except her day off, Saturday.  Freddy works 5 pm -9pm daily. Please call them at 981-9061 for any of your needs.  There is free delivery to Estrella Del Mar.

Products available at the pharmacy include brand name and generic drugs, hair and personal toiletries, lotions, bug spray, baby needs, ice cream, ice, snacks, drinks, and minutes for recharging your phone.

Currently, there is not a doctor manning the clinic next door but they have had a meeting with the minister of economic development, doctors from Marina Mazatlan and Sharps Hospital and heads of the Stone Island ejidos to try to get a doctor working on Stone Island.

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