Our Lady of Fatima Church in Barron Needs Pews

IMG_6883 2In pursuit of new pews to grace the newly remodeled church, the Father is asking for donations to fabricate new pews. He has located a carpenter that will make them for $500 USD each.

The are made of solid wood and have a padded folding kneeler attached in the back. The Church would appreciate any donation that you can make. Also, if you would like to purchase one for the church, you may opt to have your family name engraved upon it.

The carpenter is called Kuko and he speaks perfect English. He will be glad to assist you with any purchase. His email is mueblerias_kuko@hotmail.com . His telephone # 669-123-9214 or 669-920-0672.

If you have any questions, please contact Janice or Ron Ohmes.  jgohmes712@gmail.com or rwo0804@gmail.com.

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