Ahhhh , Isn’t Technology Great?

Improving technology can create its own set of problems.  Friends of Barron is experiencing this in the schools in Barron.  We upgraded the Internet to the schools to create a stronger, more dependable system.  Unfortunately, most of our computers are now too old to work with the MegaVision Internet. We need newer computers (at least Windows 7) and preferably laptop computers ASAP.  If you have a computer you can donate, please get hold of Dale Lyster at DLyster@shaw.ca

We are working with Jeremy Kennell to have Barron schools become “Google Schools” which will greatly increase their access to technology but this takes time.  We are trying to provide access to the new improved internet for the rest of this school year.  We have asked for donations of computers coming back from lease from Pinsa, the parent company for EDM but have not heard back yet.  Any other ideas would be welcome.  Thank you.

Dale Lyster

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