Craft Circle Forming

For those of us who love to work with our hands, here is an opportunity to do so socially. Modeled on the wonderful oil painting session we had last week, the Circle will meet every Wednesday afternoon from two or three on. Artisans and novices alike can come and go as they please throughout the afternoon. No craft idea or skill is required. But if you hanker to learn to crochet or knit or macrame or cross point or stand on your head, come on over to condo 1105/6 anytime on a Wednesday afternoon if you wanna learn something, or teach something or just hang out. You don’t need to bring anything if you’re a yarn person. Other crafts require more stuff than is currently here. Or if you’d like, download an interesting pattern or idea and visit the local Parisina store in nearby Santa Rosa Plaza to purchase your own supplies. During the Circle, someone will help you interpret the scramble of letters and numbers those directions sometimes blur into. You can even design and make your own club head cover, if you are so motivated.

Remember, recent studies show that pattern repetition makes our cortexes happy. Doing something other than sunbathing or even reading can extend your life. And crocheting a large afghan in the shade with the waves breaking gently in the background is as good as meditation. Trust me.

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