Organic Food Delivered?

Many here at EDM are familiar with Fresh Boutique, the organic store that used to be in Hector’s Bistro back by the bakery. A few months ago Karina moved to Av. Gaviotas #507. She is willing to deliver orders to us at the embarcadero at Stone Island on Saturday afternoons, after she closes at 3pm. My suggestion was that she put together orders for us, at $300, $400, or $500 pesos, mixed bag, her choice, fruits and vegetables in season. If any of us would like to order an organic chicken or eggs, that would be additional. She is game to try this and understandably would like to have 3 or 4 orders to make it worth her while.

In talking to a few others here at EDM, we have come up with a Wednesday evening meeting time of 6 pm at the Phase 2 Palapa to get our orders together. I will send the order over to Karina on Thursday for a Saturday delivery. We can arrange the pickup at the Wednesday meeting. If you have any suggestions on how better to handle this, please bring them to the Wednesday meeting.

Margaret Perez

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