It’s Almost Taco Time

The Taco Ladies are coming! If you would like to enjoy delicious tacos under a gorgeous sunset, please fill out the form below. Everyone is welcome. The cost will either be $100 or $150 pesos a plate, depending upon how close we get to the target number of 50. The stated purpose of the party is to celebrate Mothers Day, but what we are really doing is thanking the dedicated dentists who have come here every year for a week at a time for the past six years to attend to the dental needs of the 200 kids at the Barron elementary school.

Wow, that was a really long sentence.

So if you can come, please click below, and tell literally everyone you see to come on over to the Phase I palapa around 7pm on Thursday, May 10. Thank you!!

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4 Responses to It’s Almost Taco Time

  1. Marie-Claude says:

    Can I also confirm for Marie-Therese?


  2. Jack gilman says:

    Kris what night and time


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