Friends of the Isla Need Your Help


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Fall is here, and for many of us, it is time to be thinking of the trek south to another paradise.

We all know about the planning that’s involved before we can close up our northern homes, plus deciding what to take with us. Then there is the challenge of what will fit into travel bags, nooks and crannies etc. for the trip.

As you are thinking about all this, a gentle reminder that if you choose, and if you can find a bit of space, our local friends on the Island will appreciate your contributions. 

Such as: Clothing for the “clothing” drive:   this includes clothing for warm and cool weather, also bedding and small housewares.

Gifts/prizes for fundraising events for the Christmas Voucher program.  In recent years there has been a silent auction, poker run and weekly 50/50 draws.

One of the bonuses of being on the Isla, is that every season offers various things to do and lots of options.  The Friends of the Isla committee welcomes ideas for fund raising and increasing the effectiveness of our contributions.

Enjoy each day, take care and travel well,

On behalf of the Friends of the Isla Committee,


p.s. if you are wondering about our history, it was outlined in the 2017 fall newsletter, if you wish a copy, please email me at

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  1. Hola, Steck’s are hoping to find some LR furniture second hand. Anyone buying new and selling?

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