Hurricane Update

It looks like Mazatlan is right on the edge of the affected zone. According to Kim, our winds will be between 30 and 50 mph beginning tomorrow early, but more importantly, they will be out of the east. Storm surge will be a problem, I’m sure that Phase II has its port shut to protect the pool mechanics. Our hot tub is in the midst of being redone and I’m not sure how that will all shake out. We have just trimmed the palms.

We might lose electric. We might have water up to the wall or beyond. The airport might close temporarily. The road to Durango might be affected; the last tropical storm closed the road for three months. Barron might be flooded as the river might rise and the storm surge might prevent the extra water from exiting into the ocean down by Hole 14. At this point, it’s pointless to speculate.

But if you are flying in soon or driving down soon, please plan accordingly.

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