Willa Stalls

Willa has stalled out there. She is still a Category 4 though. She hasn’t made her right-hand turn yet but the projected path remains on course for Escuinapa. The ocean water temperature is a little cooler where she is now, 84 degrees as opposed to 86 off of PV, and she is consolidating herself. This is really good news. Predicted wind speeds in Mazatlan have been almost cut in half, 30 mph now, and rainfall amounts are also reduced by half. The timing has slipped a few hours later. Predicted ocean swell size stands at 14 feet.

Escuinapa is being evacuated and there are some evacuations going on in Mazatlan; the Rafael Buelna area (basically the port) is one of them. Thank you Joyce for the updates. Hang on to your hat!!

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  1. Joyce says:

    sorry the /1/ should be a small l


  2. Joyce says:

    Winds will not be bad…the high will be about 36 mph. BUT lots of rain. here is a website that you can check hour by hour


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