Ron Vagle Memorial Tournament

Shotgun start at noon, January 28, 2019.

Buffet dinner and program after golf.
The Cost:
For Golf members,  1000 pesos per person.
For persons who are not members the cost is $50 for golf and 1000 pesos per person. Get your foursome together and sign up and pay at Golf Shop before Jan 21.
If you only have two players the organizers will pair you with another two players to make up a team, after all, this is a social event and opportunity to meet new people.
Tournament Format and General Rules
The format of the event will be a four person handicapped scramble.Handicaps will be calculated by adding the handicaps of the four persons on a team and dividing by 8 to produce a team handicap. The resultant number is rounded to the nearest full number, with fractions being rounded up.(ie 12.2=12 and 12.5=13)Each member of the team must have at least three of his or her drives used during the round.Please mark on the scorecard the initials of team member whose drive was used on that hole.We will be following the Florida Scramble format for this event.All golfers hit tee shots . They compare results and select what they consider to be the best result.For example, Golfer A’s  drive is selected as the best. Golfers B,C and D move their balls to to the spot of Golfer A’s drive.Golfers B, C and D play their second shot but Golfer A does not . Because A’s drive was used, A sits out the second shot.

After the second shots, the team selects the best shot and  if Golfer B’s shot is selected, Golfer B sits out the third shot.
This format  continues until the hole is completed.
On the next  hole, all four golfers tee off,and then the format-three play shots,one sits out- begins again.
In the event of a tie or ties for low net amongst teams the Countback Method will be used to break the tie.
For this event, Holes 10-18 are the last nine holes, holes 13-18 are the last six holes, and Holes 16-18 are the last three holes.
What’s Included:
Lots of fun
Buffet dinner 
Trophies for winning team along with cash , 2nd and 3rd placed team -cash. Closet to pin contests on two holes, men and women winners -cash.
Door prizes of either cash or gift certificates
Gratuity for staff  ( food and beverage and golf shop) supporting event.
Any questions can be directed to  Maritza Elizabeth Estrada Perez or Jim Baillon
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  1. jbbaillon says:

    Date is incorrect It should be January 28,2019 Bulletin Board is correct >


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