Antigua Clothing Sale

Want to shop for new Antigua golf apparel? (Men’s and women’s) Walk over to the Shaw’s Casa 1624. If overhead garage door is open Linda is home, just shout. If the gate is open come on into courtyard, all clothing is in garage on the right. Most women’s sizes are mediums, some smaller. (The hanging clothes are one or two of a kind) All sizes for men. XXL and larger under men’s table. Try to keep things neat. 

Each item is 50 pesos (($2.50 US). If Linda is not there it is an honor system, put pesos’ in marked box…in and envelope (also in box). Or leave an IOU and Linda will find you.

Linda volunteers at Neighborhood Ministries Mercado in Phx, AZ and Antigua gives 10-30 boxes of over-runs, refused orders, returned items, etc. All NEW. This fall the Mercado has far more than needed and more will come each month. Last years clothing was given to Marie Claude’s charity to be sold for their use. This year there is 10x more clothing so looking for other outlets.

All money will be given to Neighborhood Ministries and Casa de los Ninos and Marie Claudes girls shelter.

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