Spaghetti @ Carmelita’s Date Changes

Due to a conflict with the CanAm Golf Tournament, Jon has changed the date. He asks that if an EDM group of more than 20 plans to attend, please phone Ana at Stone Island Gardens Hotel.

Monday February 4, 2019

Carmelita’s Restaurant
Spaghetti (meat or vegetarian), salad, buns – $120 pesos each
Dinner will be served at 6:00
Happy Hour starts at 4:00
Margarita’s $50
Pina Colada $50
Wine $40
Paloma $50
Shot Tequila $35
1/2 Pacifico $20
1/2 Corona $20
Soda $20
Music and Dancing!
See you there!
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2 Responses to Spaghetti @ Carmelita’s Date Changes

  1. Donna Cunliffe says:

    Please let Anna know at Stone Island Gardens at Carmelitas if there are more than 20 EDM coming. Jon is prepared for at least 20 from EDM. A very enjoyable evening! Thanks.


  2. Joyce says:

    Great solution…now more people will be able to attend.


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