Viral Outbreak Continues

There have been 17 confirmed cases of an intestinal flu that resembles Norovirus. We are in the midst of a mini epidemic and people are really sick. This may be more serious than we think, particularly for our elderly residents.

Some advice. Stay home if you feel like you are getting sick (although onset is pretty rapid), wash your hands, and repeat: stay home! The treatment regime is drink lots of fluids, pedialyte is best, take a NSAID for the body aches and take immodium or lomotil for the diarrhea.  The ER nurse at the medical kiosk on campus is available after 10 on weekdays for consultation. I do not know the phone number but you can call the hotel desk.

Good luck!!


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2 Responses to Viral Outbreak Continues

  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you Kris, there are many who are sick with this. Good advice.


  2. Bob Sanz says:

    Thanks Kris. Good advice. We recently heard that there was regular staff at the medical clinic. We had no idea. We checked with the hotel and called over to the trailer and the clinic is staffed by a nurse named Sol from 10:00 to 6:00 every day except Sunday. The number is 915-8300, when asked for an extension use 4068.


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