Kindergarteners Love to Go to the Dentist!


A few EDM residents had a great morning on Wednesday. We are invited into the Barrón Kindergarten School to administer fluoride treatment to the entire school population.  As we worked through the four separate classrooms of perfectly adorable kids, we noticed that the cavity rate among the population has radically decreased. Years ago when Friends of Barron began this interventional program, the vast majority of the children had rampant cavities as a result of drinking soda and generally poor dental health care. This year, thanks to the persistent efforts of dental hygienist Claire Silk, half the treated population had no cavities at all. And they love to go to the dentist!

Thank you, Claire, Willie, Heather, Kim for paying it forward. Feels good? Doesn’t it?

And thank you to School Director Ana Cabrera Martinez and Dr Jesus Tirado. What a team!



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    Yes, What a Great Team. Thinking of you all


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