Mexican Plated Car Wanted

John Spahlinger is looking to buy a used, Mexican Sinaloan plated dependable car with less then 50,000 miles when I arrive at EDM on November 13th. Looking to spend somewhere between $3000 – $8000 . If someone is looking to sell or knows someone please contact John Spahlinger @ 303-870-3646 or

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  1. Margaret Pérez says:

    You all should meet Carlos Zatarain, owner of 5 lots at EDM and a used car dealership in Mazatlán.
    He helps me with all things car related and had the window tinting done for me at a great price. He can be found in the phase 1 pool every Sunday until sunset. His English is limited but I will help. He took a friend’s car in on consignment to sell. He is great.


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