Attention Pickleballers

The new year has started off with a bang! Consistently, there have been ten or more geezers showing up for a few hours of fun and cardiac exercise. So far, no casualties. We have four new courts and three new nets. We do have a math problem there, but we also have a plan.

If you are a dedicated pickle baller, we ask that you chip in a total of $40 USD or 800 pesos to replace the nets as they wear out. If you would prefer to simply drop in, we ask for a $5 or 100 peso donation for each session. This is strictly an honor system and it will be up to you to seek out and pay Lance Gutersohn for your share.

As we progress thru the season, we hope to increase our participation . In support of this goal, Brent Cunliffe has offered to help any newcomers with their skills free of charge. The hours of play are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 to 11 am at the courts facility near the Las Villas Hotel. We hope to have the fourth net soon. Be sure to bring your own water.

As our group grows, our skill diversity is bound to expand also. In an effort to continue to sharpen the play of our more experienced players, we would like to propose the following:

  • From 8:30 to 9:30, games could be mixed doubles (meaning mixed skill levels).
  • From 9:30 to 11:00, we could transition into more competitive groups. Level three players and above would be grouped together and those not quite there yet could participate together, depending upon who shows up.
  • During the second session, one court could be dubbed the Challenge Court. A pair of players would defend the right to use that court against all comers, while the rest of the courts continue with the weeners/losers system we now employ. The Challenge Court would turn over after two or three consecutive holds, depending upon the hydration level of the defending champions.

This is just a suggestion and we can try it on for size as the season progresses.

One note, I found a black paddle cover and a white and blue towel left on the courts last year. If you would like to claim them, please comment on this blog post.

Remember to bring your money and we’ll see you on Friday.

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1 Response to Attention Pickleballers

  1. Andy Brown says:


    We were told when we bought our golf/sports/gym/tennis/pickleball etc membership we were promised that EDM would be providing world class facilities for us to use at their expense, so what the hell has happened? Now we as members are being asked to pay to enhance the facilities is ridiculous. What next, we have to pay for new trap/bunker rakes, new forks and spoons in the restaurants, ridiculous!

    Why was it ever required of anyone here to pay for these, it should have been done by the development with no questions asked, as it is simply delivering the service that most certainly had been promised.

    We just forked out 3180.00 US$ for this, and to hear that we are now being asked to put out more money is total escremento de toro!

    Please forward this to the new manager, whoever he is, as there has never been a formal announcement as to who he is, and any sort of a curriculum vitae about him.

    Also please feel free to post my email regarding this

    If the new manager wishes to discuss this further, my number is (669) 246 4989.

    Andy Brown Condo 1104



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