Pickleball Happenings

Pickleball at EDM continues in the mornings at 8:30, M,W,F. We now have four nets and the capability of setting up a fifth court if necessary. Interest has been steady with ten to sixteen players showing up regularly. Due to the intervention of Andy Brown, EDM management has stated they are willing to reimburse the core group who chipped in 800 pesos apiece to initially buy nets. The need for new balls continues as participants typically bring their own balls. With the participation of EDM, things will change although it has yet to be determined exactly how they will change. Obviously, a golf membership will entitle player to play free of charge. There needs to be an ongoing discussion as to whether or how to include non-golf membership holders. Also, we need to figure out what to do with the funds already collected.

So if you are interested in playing, come on down and chip in your two-cents’ worth… and get some exercise at the same time.

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