Sideways Spanish to Continue

If you are interested in gaining some ability to express yourself in Spanish without getting wrapped around the grammatical axel, consider attending a Spanish class at phase 1. Right now, with few in attendance, the classes are held on the 105/106 patio but if there is interest enough, they could be moved under the phase 1 palapa. Emphasis will be on pronunciation and spontaneity. The program is based upon Marcus Santamaria’s published course and I encourage you to sign up for his lessons online. Lesson 1 and the upcoming Lesson 2 are available for download using the following link.

Bring a beverage of your choice and we’ll see you after the fruit and vegetable truck departs.

By the way, we are working on getting permission for the truck to park in the employee parking lot just inside the entrance so as to limit exposure to passing trucks.

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3 Responses to Sideways Spanish to Continue

  1. Joe Oviatt says:

    Please remind everyone that Luis our vegetable vendor will be at the shrimp ponds tomorrow afternoon at 2 until 2:30.


  2. paddy512 says:

    We are going to the stone island thank you hospice lunch on Wednesday. Hope to be back in time for Spanish lessons. Sue broderick

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  3. Jan Simon says:

    Sorry to.miss this…..Jan


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