Seafood Truck Added to Wednesdays

 A message from Joe Oviatt
I have spoken to a seafood seller. Chavas is his name.
He will be here this wednesday at 2 pm to sell seafood. Fresh filleted fish and shrimp. I told him to plan on 30 people. He is more concerned with spoilage and non sales but I encouraged him to start small and he can add every week.
I have never used him before but i got his name from Donna.
We can review weekly and adjust.

Additionally, it is possible to place special orders with Luis the fruit and vegetable truck man. If you have specific requests, please contact the webmaster and I will contact Luis by What’s App.

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1 Response to Seafood Truck Added to Wednesdays

  1. Jan Sumon says:

    Great….fresh veges and now seafood …thanks only wish we were there to enjoy them.


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