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Here is an overview of the situation in Mazatlán. Two people from Mazatlán have recently been tested for COVID-19 and proven positive: one is a resident of Mazatlán and the other is a professional golfer, Victor Lange, who participated in the Estrella del Mar Open before returning to South Africa. He tested positive on Sunday, March 15. One week after leaving the clubhouse. He is asymptomatic but is in quarantine.

As of this second, Mexico has diagnosed 118 people with twenty-five added today. Only 2000 people have been tested. There are 113 known active cases of the disease. Four have recovered. Go to to monitor the numbers yourself.

One 41 year-old man has died of the disease in Mexico City. His wife attended a rock concert on March 3 and he began showing symptoms on March 8. He had underlying medical conditions and died yesterday.

World health officials estimate that Mexico as a whole will leave Phase 1 of the epidemiological cycle and enter Phase 2 during the first week of April. Think of the classic hockey stick graph; phase 1 is the horizontal part and phase 2 is the vertical part.

Estrella del Mar is redoubling its cleaning efforts throughout the property. They are conducting daily health inspections of all personnel entering the property.

The above Travel Advisory indicates that US citizens should return home or prepare to shelter-in-place for an unspecified amount of time.

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4 Responses to Travel Advisory Link

  1. Ron Pogue says:

    According to EDM Golf Management, its not clear where he got it. From EDM he went to Mexico city, then Atlanta airport and stayed in South Africa for 5 days before getting tested. Its hard to tell where he could’ve got it.


  2. Cliff du Fresne says:

    Met the doctor who heads Marina Mazatlan hospital. He said no cases in Mazatlan yet. The closest positive test is in Culiacan.


  3. Nancy Muzyka says:

    And I mean close contact with the individual…not just “on the course”!


  4. Nancy Muzyka says:

    Anyone who was in contact with the golfer should be on a 14-day quarantine. I’m not sure if EDM will have the public health knowledge to do that. Hand washing and hand sanitizer FREQUENTLY are the best prevention. Anyone with symptoms should self-isolate for 14 days.


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