Survivor’s Island Meeting Proposed

I propose that we hold a meeting around the Phase 1 pool on Saturday afternoon at 5 pm for those of us that are here and plan to be here for awhile. It makes sense that we know who is going to be here and for how long so we can keep track of each other and how we are doing and if anyone needs anything. Bring your own drink, knock elbows and plan to sit 6’ away from your neighbors!

Margaret Pérez

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4 Responses to Survivor’s Island Meeting Proposed

  1. Heather Anders says:

    It is a very good idea! See you then!


  2. Marjorie wright says:

    Thats a great idea
    Rob and i will be the there


  3. paddy512 says:

    Super! See you all there! From afar.

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  4. Sandra and John says:

    Great idea. See you then.


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