SI Group Report

After our meeting last week, I committed to visit Carlos Dominguez seeking answers to some of our questions. Over the past four days I have tried a half-a-dozen times to call him, see him, email him, so today, I finally went to Victor and asked my questions.

Yes, the Las Villas Hotel has discouraged renters in the Phase III Luxury Suites, although a small number continue to arrive. Phase I and II continue to have new renters arrive although a request was sent out to owners asking them to cancel any reservations (which we appreciate). The golf course will remain open. Yes, LaPaloma is closed indefinitely. Los Defines will remain open as the hotel also continues to have guests. I believe that Semana Santa events have been curtailed in town. Golfers continue to come out and play the course but not off of cruise ships; they discontinued service last month. The beaches, I assume, will retain their popularity.

The best news is that, according to Victor, ALL people (even golfers) entering the property are undergoing temperature checks and they intend to turn away those with elevated body temps. To that, I would love to see scent-testing added. Apparently, a very early precursor to viral proliferation can be loss of taste and smell. Often, that is the only symptom a person will exhibit. If I can meet with Carlos tomorrow, I will tell him that.

As you know, Ricardo and I are heading home very soon. We will drive. As of last night, the internet had been advertising open airline seats but some residents have begun to experience flight cancellations, mostly for routes within the US.

I was gratified to hear that Mexico’s president has advanced the country’s pandemic crisis level to Phase II. I’m not sure what that means but it must be higher than Phase I. According to the WHO, today Mexico is reporting 367 total cases with a single death. I have been keeping an eye on Indonesia (which also has a warm, humid climate and crowds of people not practicing social distancing) and they have over 600 cases. Their chart is starting to resemble a hockey stick after bumping along horizontally since February 15 in the Phase I section of the curve.

I must say, I am sad to be leaving so early. There is much work to oversee as far as Phase I landscaping goes but I am confident that Pedro and Arturo know very well how to plant pampas grass. I am sure our sea wall will be a showcase by next fall. Basically, we decided that if and when self-isolation might become necessary, we would rather do it on the Wyoming ranch.

So farewell. I will try to keep everyone as informed as possible. !Hasta el autumno!

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4 Responses to SI Group Report

  1. Jan Simon says:

    Hola….thank you for keeping us all updated over the past months, actually, years. Hope you arrived home to your beautiful ranch safe and sound. Hugs..Jan


  2. Jan says:

    Safe travels to you, and thank you so much for all you do for us at EDM! Hasta luego.


  3. Lisa Pratt says:

    I will make a point to come up to the ranch to see you this summer. That is, if we make it to Colorado. In the meantime, we are hunkered down in our new place in Florida. So sorry to miss spending some time with you in EDM. Much love to you and yours.
    Lisa & David


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