Estrella del Mar Sets Policy

[The following is a letter originally drafted by Victor Valenzuela and has been modified for clarity.]

The management at Estrella del Mar is well aware of the health emergency. The State of Sinaloa made the decision to close all hotels and public beaches in Sinaloa, and its decision making process is on-going. Your HOA , in its work to protect residents and workers, has taken the following series of measures. These decisions were taken based on comments and suggestions first from your Surveillance Committee members and subsequently, owners who are currently residing in the development.

Previously, the HOA has asked for the voluntary suspention or postponment of renters scheduled for Semana Santa. Many of you responded by cancelling your reservations and we thank you for that. At this time, we do not see returning to normal activities before April 30, 2020, or until the COVID-19 crisis passes. We request again your support with the suspension of renters in your condominium. Additionally, no visitors to the development are allowed during these dates. We must avoid greater concentration of people and thus maintain isolation.

If, in your case, it is impossible to cancel your visitors or if you have just arrived at the development in the last week, please maintain the isolation on your property for the 14 days recommended by the health authorities. Avoid using the amenities of common areas, elevators, reception area, and bathrooms. If anyone is unable to conform to this request, we will have to take more severe actions. The full-time residents have requested that the pool be kept open, but if potentially contaminated people use the facilities, that could affect the permanent residents and those who shelter there now.

The HOA has implemented the following rules:

  1. No visitors allowed from the outside while you are here. Guests or renters are not allowed to have visitors normally.

2. The concentration of people in common areas is prohibited, especially in the pool area. Refrain from holding meetings or gatherings of more than 10 people. Groups of more than 10 people will be dispersed by security.

3. Newly arrived visitors must self-quarantine for 14 days.

The HOA has decided to reduce its workforce and has changed work schedules. Because of this reduction, we will not be able to adequately sanitize all areas. The swimming pool restrooms will be closed. The common area will be cleaned 3 days a week, concentrating on the most vulnerable common use areas. As always, there will be the necessary maintenance for the pool and gardens.

The HOA thanks you for adhereing to these rules. If you need to contact me, please do so directly through email ( Any comments, questions or advise of any situation that arises, are welcomed and I promise to follow up properly. I will be periodically coming to the development in short periods of time. I will be working remotely to coordinate the team’s activities and follow up on their requests.

We thank you in advance for your support and understanding of these measures, since it is essential to maintain your safety and our team’s safety. Please stay safe and follow our  authorities’ recommendations.

Victor Valenzuela, HOA Administrator

EDITORS NOTE: Since this letter was sent out, the developer has announced that the golf course will close as will the bakery inside Las Villas.

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