Face Masks Available

If you do choose to go out or interact with those who have gone out, please wear a face mask. These beautiful examples are available from Anne Nelson in condo 302 phase 1.

Tablecloths to Lifesavers

These masks have been made by sacrificing two of the 40 beautiful tablecloths constructed by master seamstress Patty Crawford about ten years ago back when phase one hosted annual fund-raising galas for Friends of Barron. The bulk of the tablecloths will remain available to decorate our pool area when next we gather to celebrate.

I look forward to that day.

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8 Responses to Face Masks Available

  1. marjorie says:

    Awesome masks..thank you for doing this . Rob and i would love to have a couple..


  2. Marie-Claude says:

    I would love one for Fernando and one for myself as we don´t have any and if we require to go in town would love it. I have also been going to Barron to pay our cleaning lady to stay home…so at this stage I would probably feel better wearing one of those. Thanks so much and if any left please let me know and will go pick 2 up. Marie-Claude


  3. Carol says:

    Thank you. We are leaving to drive back to Canada this morning. If you can spare 2, we would love to have them . Thx


    • krisvadale says:

      Carol. Please go over to phase 1 and find Ann Nelson. She is in Clay and Jan Simon’s place 302. I know she had three left and can whip up a dozen more if needed. Travel safely. Love to your family.


  4. Heather Anders says:

    Thank you Ann, it is very thoughtful, Kim and I would love to get a couple. Heather


  5. Jan Clarence says:

    They are lovely, but not in 306.


  6. Marcia Pratt says:

    Thank you Ann, very thoughtful of you


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