Claire Sends Her Love

Earlier this year, I flew First Class out and back from my sister’s wake and funeral. I had on a double mask (cloth one from Vietnam), gloves, and a Bloody Mary…. and still managed to contract the little f***^r of a virus. Cisco is doing his part. Unfortunately, there is a case of a tiger testing positive. My brother-in-law Tom ,( I am staying with his son David) is in isolation in hospital in Florida. He unfortunately tested positive as well, has diabetes, and has an infection in his foot. He is not doing well.

Please send a prayer, or meditation, or light. Thanks.

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13 Responses to Claire Sends Her Love

  1. Patty Hall says:

    Claire – Our prayers are with you. You are very strong and will beat this virus! Love, Clark, Patty and Cinco


  2. bonni canary says:

    I was sure you would have escaped the virus because of your dentistry sanitation background–I’m so sorry to hear that you got it. However, once you’re through it you will undoubtedly have SUPER blood with great antibodies!


  3. Elissa Pratt says:

    Get well Very soon Claire. I’m sorry to hear about Tom. We are getting hit pretty hard here in South Florida. Keeping you in the light.


  4. Ginny Lee says:

    So sorry to hear you’re one of the many. Hope you and your brother-in-law are both improving. Thinking of your family as you struggle with illness and loss. Get better soon. Ginny


  5. Hola Amiga,
    We are thinking of you and your family Claire. Stay strong and fight hard. We wish you all the best and and the speediest recovery.
    💕 Mik and Carla


  6. Marie-Claude says:

    Dear Claire, our prayers with you all. Marie-Claude


  7. Marcia Pratt says:

    We will get through this..sending my love


  8. Jan and Clay Simon says:

    Hey PB Claire
    Stay strong, healthy and work thro these difficult times. Condolence on your sister’s loss.
    Clay and Jan


  9. Heather says:

    You are often in our thoughts & conversations, we miss you 3! Will keep Tom in our prayers. There are angels all around! Stay safe xoxo Heather & Kim, Gracie, Chance, Elvis & Max


  10. Nancy Muzykja says:

    Sending our very best wishes to you, Claire. And our prayers to your brother-in-law and family. Cisco is a trooper:) Hugs
    Nancy, Tim, Brent and Will Muzyka


  11. Jan Brown says:

    Stay strong my friend 🙏


  12. Margaret says:

    On it Claire! Sending angels! You take care!


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