Super Moon Last Night

The cows pictured below have no idea what’s going on yet they choose to physically distance. Even at night, they sleep six feet or more apart. What do they know that we don’t?

Look only as far as the horizon. See the super moon. It’s as close as it’s gonna get for a while and somehow it will affect the tides, the birds, the mammals. Not just some mammals. All mammals. Pay attention.

Do you remember after 911 the supernatural quiet that descended.? There were no contrails for five days. The shock was felt worldwide and the earth almost stood still.

Feel this tonight. Send your survival instinct to this super moon and let it reflect on the surface of the world as it completes its nightly journey. Let us come together and pay homage to that that controls us.

Love, Peace & Happiness

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2 Responses to Super Moon Last Night

  1. Marie-Claude says:

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Heather says:

    Thanks Kris!
    Love those cows, they know…..


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