More Facemasks

From Clara. Condo 312

Good Morning,
I have been busy making protective face masks for EDM family and workers and the people in Barrón. I cut out 50 yesterday. Ann has been helping me.

I am making both adult and child sizes. Obviously the 3 Juvenile fabrics are for the kids. I am hoping to make 100 more if I have enough fabric. The yellow is the lining. It is tee shirt fabric.
Stay safe,

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2 Responses to More Facemasks

  1. Clara & Ann, Making masks for the workers at Estrella del Mar and the families in Baron is perfect. Thank-you for your time and efforts.
    p.s. We cannot get any masks in the states.


  2. Marcia Pratt says:

    Thank you Clara, that is very kind of you.


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