People on the Isla Need Help (revised)

I have wintered on Isla de la Piedra since 2009 in the RV Park, Tres Amigos. It came to my attention in early April that its residents needed some serious help. Dallas Jewall is an American and his wife Rocio ( a local born on the Isla ), along with her family, own Restaurant Cerro los Chivos on Stone Island. As a couple they have been giving for many years to those in need on the Isla including Christmas hampers. Dallas had been doing fund raising but was out of money and contacts to provide more food during this pandemic. Having heard about the need I first wrote a blog post and then the next day I sent a copy to every person that I know, who lives on the Isla, that I had an email for. Within ten days I had raised enough money to feed 130 families for one week and now there is enough money to feed them for a second week. After that I don’t know where the money will come from. Rocio being a resident all of her life, knows who has the greatest need. She also speaks with the leaders in each section of the colonia to get more input of the neediest.
This is the article that I emailed April 15th. If you read to the end you will see a recent update of the despenses ( food packages ) being given out as well as a few photos.
Can you please help feed the Isla?

The state of Sinaloa had asked everyone to stay home, no walking in the streets, in parks, nor beaches and certainly not the malecon between 4:00PM and 8:00AM ( although that may even be closed now ). There are to be no home parties, no gatherings and no alcohol sales. Restaurants are closed and can only offer home delivery. Residents are being asked to stay home and only venture out to purchase groceries but they must wear a mask.

Mexicans can no longer go to work which means that they are unable to earn pesos. For many families and especially those in the Colonia on Isla de la Piedra that means no food. Many work every day just to earn enough to feed their families. Now they are going to bed hungry.

The above exert came from an article published on April 11th.  Please click here to read that article which goes into more depth.

Most of us are home and safely waiting out the Covid- 19 virus.  We have enough money to purchase groceries and to spend hours online and to watch movies, read books, etc. These people are worrying every minute of the day if they will have any food to feed their children at the end of the day.  Many of you have been following my blog for years and enjoying the photos of the Isla and especially the magnificent sunsets. I am asking you to please donate something to help, even $10.00 would be of great help. More if you can.

Dallas and Rocio have asked those on the Isla to donate what they can and they have even received donations from people living in the city of Mazatlan, people who come often to enjoy Stone Island. They have asked all who they know to please help. Two days ago they had 50 kilos of beans delivered as well as 50 kilos of flour delivered.  They are hoping for rice, pasta and cooking oil to be delivered tomorrow.  As soon as they gather food they give it away to those who are in need.  Once that is gone they have nothing left to give.

Can you please help the Isla?  Any amount will be welcomed and used to help the neediest.

I am asking Canadians to e-Transfer their donation to me @  I will then send the entire amount to Dallas, my contact on the Isla, in one transaction thus saving a $3.00 fee per donation.

Americans have a few options. If you have a PayPal account you can make your donation via PayPal directly to Dallas Jewall @ There is no additional fee attached to this donation as it is a direct US to US transaction. For those who do not have a PayPal account you can still make a donation again via PayPal using your credit card as directed on the site, but you will incur an additional approximate $2.00 or $3.00 service charge. If you prefer, you can always simply e-Tranfer your donation directly to me but there will be a bit of loss because of the US funds going to CAD funds and then back to US funds but it is still a huge help. However you choose to do it, please donate.
This is a photo of one of the 50 despensas that Dallas and Rocio delivered before I got involved. Every package contains one kilo each of beans, rice and flour and one litre each of milk and of cooking oil plus a small package of pasta and of tomato puree. A small bag of onions, potatoes and carrots are also included. Just this past Friday because of my donations the same package was delivered to 130 hungry families with the addition of one kilo of masa flour used to make tortillas. Each despensa should feed a family for a week depending on the size of the family.

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5 Responses to People on the Isla Need Help (revised)

  1. Donna Cunliffe says:

    Part of this email is missing. I will try to get it sorted out with Kris. If you would like to send money to help the people of Stone Island, Americans send to Dallas’ US account at Canadians send to Contessa at All monies wiill go for food and supplies.
    Thank you,
    Donna Cunliffe


    • 5C's Que Pasa says:

      Americans please send a donation via PayPal to Dallas at the above email address.

      Canadians please E transfer to Contessa at the about email address. This way we are avoiding a transfer fee of $3.00 per donation.

      Every penny counts. Thank you for your support.


  2. Cliff du Fresne says:

    How do you etransfer to Contessa or Dallas. I tried sending money to someone in the US but could not do it. According to RBC etransfer only works within Canada.


    • 5C's Que Pasa says:

      Cliff if you are a Canadian please E transfer to myself here in Canada and I will make a point of the money being sent directly to the Mexican bank account that is being used. You will be doing a Canada to Canada transfer of funds.


      • Cliff du Fresne says:

        Thanks for info Contessa. Will etransfer to you.
        I live at EDM but the Isla is like our second home – we love the people, the food and the old feel of Mexico there that existed in Mazatlán a long time ago.


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