Welcome Back

As the migration is well underway, returning EDM residents may be wondering what to expect. Some people have shared their experience with others but the following is a compilation of many sources intended to inform not only our retuning owners but the loyal renters who return year after year.

Mexico is currently laying tenth in the world pandemic stakes. They have suffered 855,000 cases with a daily infection increase of around 3,700 souls. About 86,000 people have died in Mexico, with 171 succumbing just yesterday. Mazatlan’s cases peaked on August 7 with 6,717 cases. That number has settled back down to 4,119 on October 18 and is part of a downward trend.

Estrella Del Mar has instituted decisive and stringent measures to combat the spread of this virus. All employees, visitors and residents are stopped, tested for body temperature, asked about their point of origin, and their destination within the campus. The exclusive owners entrance lane is closed although the exit lane is open.

Those who exhibit elevated body temperatures or who indicate they have had close contact with COVID patients are instructed to remain at home. If symptoms appear, testing can then be done.

All service employees wear masks at all times and follow enhanced sanitization protocols at work and hopefully at home. Common area cleaning regimes have been stepped up. In addition to the daily morning cleaning, sanitizing stations have been set up at all pool areas for those who are about to use or have just used the available infrastructure (furniture, ladder rails, and surfaces of any kind). Social distancing is encouraged but not enforced. Hand sanitizer is available in public places.

Food vendors are allowed on campus once a week. There is a small store on campus that remains open. All city grocery stores are open but do not offer bagging services for your purchases. Masks are required to enter any place of business. Medical masks are hard to come by. The central market or the grocery stores are not reliable sources for medical mask purchases. The Barron Clinic has been able to purchase N95 masks and remains open, serving the health needs of the community. By the way, any donations to further their efforts would be greatly appreciated. Cloth face masks remain the fashion choice of people in the know.

If you require a test, there is a lab in the San Angel district of Mazatlan that will do testing. The Salud Digna clinic is located on Ejercito Mexicano (#1018 near the old Ley Plaza.) They charge $950 pesos for a COVID test. Turnaround time is unknown. EDM used this lab for all affected employees but has since switched to IMSS. The Salud Digna lab is open 6 am to 7 pm Monday thru Friday, 6 am to 3 pm on Saturdays , and 7 am to 1 pm on Sundays. Their telephone number is 669-981-4650, their WhatsApp number is 5539566729, and their messenger address is @SaludDignaMx.

For those who might contemplate subscribing to a medical evacuation service, Mazatlan remains off limits. Until the State Department lowers its travel restriction to a 1 or a 2 (it is currently at 4), medical evacuation flights will not be allowed.

Airline service by all the major carriers has resumed with the possible exception of WestJet. They are scheduled to resume soon.

Travel safely.

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  1. Shelly Love says:

    Thanks Kris,
    Just to add a little detail re the food vendors. The fruit and veggie truck comes every Wednesday at 2:30 to the Phase 2 parking garage. Much appreciated!


  2. paddy512 says:

    Wonderful report! Are the pools and the golf course open? Thanks much!

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  3. JoycePogue says:

    Thanks Kris, all is well here at EDM


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