Good News for EDM Owners

Are you too shy to ask for help with your golf game, but really want to get better? You are in luck!

Kim Anders, Director of Instruction at The Performance Golf Schools at Estrella del Mar, has been busy during the Covid isolation and has written a golf book.
Golf For Life: How to Get It and How to Keep It – Stories From the Tee, was just published and released on Amazon earlier this month. It is a collection of entertaining and instructional stories written by Kim over the past 15 years for the Arizona Golfer Magazine. Each story contains information most golfers can relate to, along with tips to help you play better.

Following the roughly 45 articles is a section on “The Swing”. This will help you with the more technical part of the game if the articles aren’t enough!
You may even recognize some of your neighbors in the articles. Actually, you will see yourself in many of them, whether you were actually the inspiration for the article or not.
If you are interested in improving your game but don’t really want to ask for help, Golf For Life: How to Get It and How to Keep It is available on Amazon Kindle ebook and paperback versions ($1.99/$9.95).

If you are an Owner or EdM golf member, and ready for live instruction that includes video analysis, you will receive 10% off any of the programs offered.
For more information contact Kim at or 669.912.0179.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:
Why Don’t New Clubs Work Longer?
Have you ever bought a new club, or set of clubs, that work like magic for a while and then, before you know it, the magic is gone and they don’t work any better than your old set?
About 6 months ago, after using the same driver for 8 years, I decided to upgrade to some new technology. I called my sales rep and told him a couple of specifications I wanted and had him pick the model he felt would be best for me.

When it arrived I took it straight to the first tee and played 18 holes with it. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to hit. Time after time I hit these hard, solid drives with about 5 yards of draw, all going about 20 to 35 yards further than drives made with my old club. I hit all 14 fairways with it. I love technology! I’m starting to think about the Senior Tour!
Well, the honeymoon lasted for about 2 rounds and then the magic left. I didn’t completely fall apart off the tee, I just didn’t hit the ball as well as I did when I first pulled the club out of the box. Why does this happen?
I think all of us probably do the same thing I did. I hit the ball so well so easily. I didn’t know my new club so I didn’t try to do anything with it. I just gave it a swing to see what it would do. And when I stepped on the throttle to hit the ball a little further, it went further. Finally, I tried to hit it a little too hard and I almost hit the ball into another zip code.
New clubs and new technology are wonderful. We can hit the ball longer and straighter than ever before. Our bad shots no longer go into the bunkers around the green—they go a little left or right and just a few yards shorter than our good shots.
We begin to feel like we couldn’t hit a bad shot if we tried. We begin swinging harder and we hit the ball further, until we swing a little too hard. Instead of making our normal swing we get carried away with seeing how far our new technology can hit the ball and eventually our mechanics break down.
Technology is a wonderful thing! It enables us to play better than we ever have and we get more enjoyment out of the game. But technology can only do so much. It can take a marginal shot and make it very playable. But, if you want to hit the ball further see your PGA Professional for some coaching. A few sessions can do things for your game technology could never do.
Imagine how good you could be if you combined technique with technology. You could probably hit the ball so hard… Never mind!

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  1. billschoen says:

    Love it! I’m only half way through and I have already added 2 strokes to my handicap. Nice going Kim.


  2. Anne steck says:

    Great book!!! Loved it!!


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