A Note From Bill

Here in Mazatlan we are celebrating Day of the Dead. Jan and I drove into town for the normal stocking up of food and beverage. When we were last here Rafael Buelna was a torn up mess. Today the road is smooth concrete. The median now consists of two bike lanes all the way from El Debate into the golden zone. Many of the palm trees that were planted for the travel expo have died and been cut off at ground level. One thing of note is that there are NO left turn lanes. If you are in the left lane at an intersection and the car in front of you stops on a green light be advised that he intends to turn left but because he is Mexican he feels no need to use his turn signal.
The road through the Golden Zone is also finished with bike lanes on both sides.
Just an observation, but the entire time we were in town we never saw a rider using the bike lanes–it must not yet be the season.
That’s it from EDM.
Bill Schoen

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