A Message from Maria Jose

Hola amigos,
I hope you are all well. The girls, their families and me are all fine.
News are mentioning today that Covid cases have increased in Sinaloa and we are back to Orange.
Some of you are already here and I do think EDM is safer but please do take precautions and try to be at Grocery stores at the earliest opening and try to stay home. Most groceries stores if not all, only allow 1 person per family in.
Let me know if you need any help with anything.
Stay safe and have a nice weekend.
Ma.José López-Puerta

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  1. wallace1961 says:


    Julie and I are in Denver. We are safe from the coronavirus. We basically are always are at home except for a haircut and grocery shopping. It is pretty boring. Now that the recent wild fires are out there is little smoke. We can get outside We do not have plans to return to Mexico.

    Thanks for your update. Stay well.


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