It’s Almost Christmas

Most of my friends will not be in Mazatlan before Christmas this year. Please donate to help Dallas and Rocio with this very important fundraiser for the residents of Stone Island. They are amazing friends and need your support. If you are a Canadian, Contessa is very reliable to etransfer money to her account. ALL will go to help. Stay safe, my friends and thank you for your generosity! Donna and Brent Cunliffe

Hello. Christmas is just around the corner so we are gearing up for Rocio’s 6th annual Christmas Eve chicken and despensa giveaway to the less fortunate folks here on the Isla that might not be able to have a nice Christmas Eve dinner. Unfortunately due to Covid we will not be seeing as many snowbirds this year so we won’t have as many people to help by bringing clothes to donate. There won’t be as many people to come to the fundraiser lunch the first week of December (more information on that at a later time) so we are expecting a shortfall in funding and as a result we need all the help we can get. Prices have gone up this year on the items in our despensa and the chicken. These are the current prices at the mercado and could possibly change a bit by Christmas Eve. We are downsizing the chicken from 2.25 kilos to 2 kilos this year in an attempt to save a little on the cost. Rice (arrroz) 1kg $26.00 pesos, Beans (frijol) 1kg 36.00, Cooking oil (aceite) 1 L 24.50, Flour (harina) 1kg 14.50, carrots(zanahoria) 1kg 15.00, Potatoes (papas) 1kg 15.00, chicken (pollo) 2 kg 100.00. Total $231.00. The first year we did this we delivered 18 packages. The program grew to 82 delivered the second year. After that we decided to give out tickets to the people that will receive the package and have them come to meet us at the park in the Colonia here on the Isla. We increased to 165 packages last year. This year our goal is to give away 200 packages. That is $46,000 pesos. I have $5000 already and a promise of $6500 more from a wonderful friend in Canada. If you are interested in helping we have paypal, we can pick up in Maz and our friend Contessa in Canada will be collecting there to forward to me here in Mexico. We can make arrangements to pick up any clothing donations from folks here in Maz. Please help if you can. Thanks. Our email for paypal is Canadian donations should be e-Transferred to, if possible no later than December 7th and she will forward to us.

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