I write comfortably ensconced in La Encanta Hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico. After long and tortured deliberation, we decided to make a run for it and drive from Laramie, Wyoming to Mazatlan via Durango, Mexico. The temperature in Laramie is 10 degrees with a 59 mph wind. Here in Las Cruces it’s a chilly 55.

While it was incredibly windy, the biggest difference I noted was the tension surrounding masks and mask wearing. Roadside caution sign flashed notices of masking requirements and casino parking lots were empty. We stopped only for food and fuel, drive thrus and avoiding any contact with fellow humans.

We plan on crossing into Mexico tomorrow morning, early. Santa Theresa is open. Chihuahua is 6 hours away: Durango is 10. We’ll see how far we get.

My son has decided to fly down. It seems that airplanes are safer than we thought and my daughter-in-law is busy purchasing protective eyewear for the flight. They will get tested before they board.

I have no idea where this is all going. All I know is that my local hospital is overcapacity with COVID patients. I’m sure Mazatlan’s is as well. I can only depend upon the vigilance of my neighbors at EDM . Let’s all stay safe. Let’s all stay vigilant. I will miss Stone Island. I will miss palapa parties. I will treasure the warmth. The beach. The safety.

Stay safe everyone. See you soon. We’ll wave to each other across the parking lot.

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8 Responses to Southbound

  1. Heather says:

    See you soon! Will be good to have you here. Lots of warm fresh air and safety distancing.


  2. jaynerupe says:

    We are planning to drive from Ohio, through Laredo to EDM, mid January. God willing we will see you all soon to enjoy the sun and surf. Can’t wait! Blessed holidays to all. Rob and Jayne


  3. Linda K Shaw says:

    Let us all know each day where you are and when you arrive EDM.


  4. Susan Herman Paradis says:

    Thanks for your message. We will be anxious to hear how the rest of your trip goes. Although nothing is definite for us at this time, we would like to think that we could drive from Indiana in early January. If anyone drives through Laredo/Columbia Bridge before then, we would appreciate hearing how the trip went. All the best to our EDM friends, Susan & Gilles


  5. abnelsonx2 says:

    Safe travels.
    We plan on joining the EDM community at the end of December. Keeping our fingers crossed!
    Anne & Brian


  6. abnelsonx2 says:

    Safe travels!
    We are planning on returning to EDM on December 30 for a 3 month stay. Keeping our fingers crossed!
    Anne & Brian


  7. Jack g says:

    Kris we drove down from Denver; stayed inelpaso the next night at the Marriott in Torreón but daylight savings in iN effect then easy trip to max, although to mountain hiway was pretty rough n spots and heavy traffic, drive save no hurry to get here!,,!,j


  8. clarkcottage says:

    Thanks for your news. Stay safe like you plan. Gwen and Dick

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