Gomez Palacio is Nice…

… but I wouldn’t want to live here.

Keeping to our travel-in-Mexico rules, we stopped before dark and found a well-hidden Best Western near the river. They have room service and CNN, but no beer. Mexico is serious about this virus. Everyone has a mask on even when riding in the back of a pickup. And they have halted all beer and alcohol sales. Wish I would have known that earlier…

Tomorrow’s trip will be six hours and I hear the road across the mountains is in pretty tough shape. Today’s roads were very good. Absolutely no problems or hang-ups whatsoever.

Tomorrow, the beach.

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3 Responses to Gomez Palacio is Nice…

  1. Lisa Pratt says:

    Safe travels. Thanks for sharing the information. We cancelled our trip because we didn’t know what to expect.


  2. Jack gilman says:

    I think it is a Sunday “blue law” not a virus rule, that being said, I will have cold one on your behalf!j


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