Pickle-ball in the Time of COVID

In a desperate effort to drum up an exercise cohort, I have consulted with several pickle-ball friends who have continued to play over the summer. Based upon their feedback, I offer the following protocol in an effort to keep us all safe:

First – No touching anyone else’s balls. Yours will be clearly marked and returned to you untouched by human (ungloved) hand, possibly touched by a shoetip or off someone’s paddle. Everyone will serve only with their own, special ball.

Second – Everyone should wear a golf glove on the opposite hand. This will remind you not to touch your face as well as protect your hand from someone else’s balls.

Third – Masks should be worn when partnering with a non-household member.

Fourth – Everyone should their spray balls frequently with provided disinfectant.

Fifth – Folks should use hand gel when taking a water break. Remember to social distance while you drink.

Sixth – No bumping butts at the end of the match.

With those ordinances observed, we should all be safe!

We’ll try again on Wednesday and Friday, 8:30, although, I have to admit, that water aerobics they do on those mornings looks awfully inviting. If no one shows up again, I’m gonna change sports.

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