AGM Preparations

In anticipation of holding a virtual Annual General Meeting, the Phase I Surveillance Committee has agreed to put out information regarding 2021 Agenda Items on this platform. All Phase I owners will be granted access to the posts through the use of a password which has been made available in an email sent out by Tatiana. Using this forum, owners will have the ability to weigh-in on each item. We are getting a head start because this may take some time. Any and all discussions will be limited to this cohort.

A series of proposed Agenda Items will be posted over the coming week. Numbered consecutively, topics upon which we intend to vote are described. Not all proposed topics have been posted yet, and others are still under review. They will be made available later this evening.

These topics must be finalized very soon. If you have additional agenda items, please contact Victor or a member of your Surveillance Committee immediately.

Please keep your comments short and to the point. The WebMaster reserves the right to edit language but will not in any unreasonable way, redact or alter the meaning of any submitted content.

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