From the Staff at Las Lagunitas

As the second decade of the 21st Century kicks off, the staff at the Las Lagunitas e-Bulletin Board would like to thank you for your interest and participation in this communal effort. The site has had 573 visits in the last two weeks, definitely a record. Las Lagunitas was begun thirteen years ago as an electronic answer to bulletins posted on boards that were seasonally unavailable to most EDM owners. Anyone is invited to post anything at any time. It is an equal opportunity public forum.

In this vein, Donna Cunliffe would like to remind you that the Farmacia Canada in Stone Island open and it delivers to EDM. The phone number is 669-230-8655. This phone number is also listed on the “Angela’s List” page of the Las Lagunitas home page. Go to and click on the “Angelas’s List” tab at the top of the page within the colorful header. Angela’s List is an open forum for EDM residents to use to access local information regarding restaurants, services, contractors and lots of other things.

In another vein, Las Lagunitas has been involved in the dissemination of information regarding the upcoming Annual General Meeting. At this time, this discussion is limited to Phase I owners only, although the opportunity exists for other regimes (such as Phase II). Access to these posts is password protected and if you need a password, please leave a reply and someone will get back to you. In order to access the most up-to-date discussions, please go to and scroll down on the Home Page. Friday, January 15, 2021, will mark the end of the “Listening Phase”. Please take the time this week to review these thirteen items and if you are so motivated, leave a reply so others can appreciate your opinions. The “Finalization Phase” will take place next week, the run-up to the Annual General Meetings to be held the following week.

Due to COVID-19, this years’ AGM will look much different. PINSA intends to implement a Microsoft “TEAM” meeting format to allow the participation of those not able to attend in person. Only one representative of each apartment or home will be allowed inside the socially-distanced and mask-required conference room at Las Villas Hotel during the meeting. At this time, the details of Proxy voting, active questioning and discussions, and voting have not been revealed. Victor Valenzuela, the HOA Administrator will be sharing those details soon.

At this time, it has been announced that the Master Regime meeting will take place on January 25th, the 16-a general meeting and the 16-a Home and Lots on January 26th, and the Phase I meeting on January 27th. All meetings begin either at 9 am or 1 pm. The Master Regime meeting on the 25th is to approve the Master Regime budget. Those able to participate in this meeting are appointed representatives only (one for each residential regime and one for the golf course, the real estate department, the tortuguero, the hotel, and the developer) and the percentage of votes they cast are based upon the total area of the development they control. The vast, vast majority of the votes to be cast here belong to PINSA employees. Meetings in which individual EDM owners are asked to engage in discussions and vote on budgets and agenda items occur on the 26th, 27th and 28th of January.

So if you are a Phase I owner, please take the time this week to familiarize yourself with the proposed agenda items and to add your two-cents’-worth. This can only aid in streamlining an otherwise uncontrolled discussion time during the meeting itself. If you are unsure of the password that was distributed by the Phase I HOA Administrator last month, please post a reply and someone will get back to you. Look for the word “Comment” and click on it. If the “Leave a Reply” link on each post is not available, use the “Leave a Reply” tab in the header instead. Thank you for your attention.

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4 Responses to From the Staff at Las Lagunitas

  1. Jan Simon says:

    Thanks so much for all the info….could you se d me the passwords so I can get updated.


  2. blue1790 says:

    Please send password. Thanks someone..


  3. Marjorie Wright says:

    Rob and Marjorie in condo 117 would like a password please


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