Meet Kate Estephania – Budding Graphic Artist

Kate is eighteen years old and is enrolled in the Polytechnic University in Mazatlán studying animation and visual effects, a three-and-a-half-year program. Kate maintains a 9.3 GPA and her passion is drawing and painting. Kate has a history of volunteering for several services in and around Barrón and Mazatlán. She works with Amigos de los Animales, which is a rescue and adoption program for animals. She also volunteers to help kids with cancer and helps raise money for their medical treatments. She has volunteered as a tutor for the secondary and prep schools in Barrón. She would like to decorate the Plazuela in Barrón with murals, making it more picturesque for the local residents. Her dream is to work as a animation and visual effects artist in a Warner Brothers or Pixar Studio.

For more information about how to support this Barrón student, go to

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