Angela’s List

“Angela” is here to catalog our pleasant experiences, helping guide newcomers and inform family and friends who might be visiting; like a virtual concierge. Let her help you share your personal knowledge so it can be held, truly, in-common. Angela’s List is people with whom we all have dealt, successfully or unsuccessfully, both trusted and doubtful. Please share your impressions of any professional service for which you have contracted by offering money in exchange for said service. If your dealings were less than successful, please indicate so and they will be identified as a “doubtful”. After all, even a chef at a Five-star restaurant can have a bad night, according to one Michelin judge.

Feel free to add to it Angela’s List by using the form at the end. I have left some spots without contact information because I am hoping to attract personal information other than my own, first-hand, stuff. That’s the one rule. It all has to be First Hand.

The groupings are in no particular order.


  • Isauro – Therapeutic massage in the comfort of your home. (669) 108-8445 (cell). Five-star rating. Reviews: The guy knows what he’s doing. He uses less oils, has a quick rhythm to his style and provides no distractions (such as music). English Spoken.
  • Agustin Salinas – Therapeutic massage in the comfort of your home. (669) 912-5344 (cell). Five-star rating. Reviews: Also a talented diagnostician but his style is more in line with traditional “spa-style” treatment complete with oils, music, hot compresses, elaborate draping. Enough English spoken.
NOTE: If you are calling either Isauro or Agustin, when your call goes thru, you will hear a long message in Spanish telling you what number you have reached and to please leave a message after the tone. Both operators are very good at getting back to you promptly and they use their caller ID to record your return call number. Just leave a message in either American, Canadian or Spanish, just not Quebecer.
  • Maria – Formal salon-style massage at Las Villas Hotel. Call the hotel reception desk and they will happily transfer your call. 915.8300.
  • Joyce Pogue – Haircuts, highlights and color right here at EDM. 178-0121. Only English spoken.
  • Debbie Rodriguez – Tippy Toe Salon. Four-star. Haircuts, manicures, massage in el centro near Macaws. Review: She cut my hair really well. English spoken. 669-981-3463.


  • La Tuna – Restaurant on the road to Recodo – Five-star. Review: Never had a bad meal there and excellent service. Just ask Pauline, 2303. English spoken. Closes at dusk. Wonderful atmosphere. Uncomfortable seats. BYO wine. Great cream pie.
  • La Takiza de Gaby – “The Taco Ladies” – Food for any event. (669) 109-71-52 (cell), (669) 924-1437 (cell) or 983-7696 (land). Five-star rating. Review: Gaby is always on-time and well prepared. Her food is delicious although you have to ask for flour tortillas. No English
  • Palapa Cotas, a clean restaurant with a magical atmosphere and attention to presentation of delicious food.  It does take an inordinate amount of time to complete the service cycle with large groups. Open Wednesday to Saturday 4-11 pm for dinner. The owner was the chef at Angelina’s Restaurant. Next to Cerro de Chivos Restaurant on the beach at Stone Island.  Reservations: William 669-115-0475. Some English spoken.
  • KIWI SUSHI. on Stone Island.  The Chinese food was very good!! It is located on the cement road towards the beach from the meat market and across the road from the police station and peanut Lady. Closed Mondays.  Call Sergio, who speaks fluent English, at 669-167-3104 or 194-3325.


  • Marco Antonio Cardenas Avila – Veterinaria del Pacifico – 982-6727. E-mail: Five-star rating. English spoken. Review: Dr Marco is familiar with the constraints of living at Estrella del Mar and having imported pets and can easily help you with health certificates. He’s also a pretty good vet. English spoken.


  • David Garcia Noris – Jack-of-all trades. (669) 127-9220 (cell). E-mail: Three 1/2 stars. Reviews: David takes care of everything, washing cars, picking you up at the airport, getting your appliances fixed, fixing leaks and shorts, and also does general contracting. English spoken.
  • Gerardo Amezquita – (669) 245-9523. Five-star. Review: Gerardo did all the electrical work over at the Barron schools’ computer labs. He is dependable and his work is excellent. He can also do general contracting. Very little English spoken
  • Luis Lizarraga – ARDICO Construction. E-mail: Five-star. Luis builds houses and can direct his sub-contractors to do about anything. Review: Luis has been around here for a long time and knows how to get the system to work on an American schedule. He actually gives written estimates, which most of the time seem high. Most of the time though, the job meets or exceeds your expectations without any cost overruns. There are notable exceptions. English spoken.
  • INTERNET SERVICE Ricardo Noe  669-150-7733 Some English Spoken
  • COMPUTER REPAIR  By Mazatlán Bob. English is our first language. Our web site is: Please consider downloading our free computer information organized.  It will save you a lot of time and money.  It is absolutely free and you don’t sign to sign up for anything or give your email address. You can get the computer organizar at:
  • Ricardo  669-912-0826  Some English Spoken
  • Call Gene Morgan – Hello, Anyone needing A/C service..always contact me. My friend Ruben has been my best friend for 15 can ask anyone that knows him..if you have any A/C or auto mechanical problems..always contact me and I wil get Ruben to assist you.


  • Carlos Armienta – MazPersianas. (669) 127-0070 (cell), 182-6688 (land). Four-star. Review: Carlos has dressed-the-best windows all around EDM and has many references. He is dependable and sweet. English spoken.
  • Cuadropolis – Picture Framing (669) 112-1438. Four Star. Decent selection, good prices. Delivered on time.  No English Spoken.


  • Marina Hospital – Over near the Galleria. Modern facilities, English spoken. Lots of successful stories here .
  • Balboa Clinica del Mar – Down past Ocean Palms on Cameron Sabalo. (669) 916-7933. Clean. English spoken. BIG PROBLEM HERE.  They double charged my credit card and it took me months to get the charge reversed.  Be very careful what you sign.
  • Susana Pedrero– Dentist in El Centro (669)981-8221. E-mail: Five star rating. General dentistry. English spoken.
  • Pati Ascencio DDS. – Oral rehabilitation, general and preventative dentistry. In the Alameda Shopping Centre north of Pueblo Bonito next to the Fish Market. 669-668-0548. English spoken.
  • Juan Lizarraga Gastelum DDS. – Periodontal implants. 669-112-1390
  • Miguel Patino – M.D. Osteo/PT guy (669) 913-1016. E-mail: General medicine and physical therapy. English spoken.
  • FARMACIAS CANADA- in front of the embarcadero (water taxi) at Stone Island, Mazatlan. – English speaking pharmacist and assistant. – all patent and generic drugs- all hair and personal toiletries, SIM cards and phone accessories, baby needs, snacks, drinks and ice cream OPEN 7 days a week 9am-10 pm- Free Delivery  contact- 6692308655 ENGLISH SPOKEN. ”
  • EMERGENCY CARE. – The Red Cross office is on the other side of the water taxis and a short walk diagonally across the street. Excellent emergency care.


  • Airport – Parking is free if you’re quick. Sometimes, all four machines are out of order, but not that often.
  • Las Villas Hotel – Withdrawal is limited to $2,000 pesos the last I looked and it’s often out-of-order. They also charge a $70 peso fee for each transaction up to your daily limit. Tell me if this has changed.
  • The New Ley Store on the right as your going into town – Beautiful vegetables, a great wine selection. But be careful! A resident’s Debit Card was pirated there, stolen by a “helpful” employee who had been alerted by her previous attempts to use the machine.


  • Huana Coa (669) 990 1100. Located near La Noria and the Los Osunas distillery, you can also rent a moto and tour around.
  • Veranodeando (669) 988 0425. Up the road to Recodo and bear right.


  • El Quelite
  • Rosario
  • Copala
  • San Francisquito
  • Picacho Reservoir


  • Gene Morgan
  • Heather Anders
  • Lourdes
  • Lance Gutersohn