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Perfect Gift for Golfers

Stumped as to what Christmas gift to get for your avid golfer? Janice Ohmes has the perfect solution: colorful, quilted, golf-themed fabric, beautifully constructed golf-seat covers. Hurry! These won’t last long.

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Pickle-ball in the Time of COVID

In a desperate effort to drum up an exercise cohort, I have consulted with several pickle-ball friends who have continued to play over the summer. Based upon their feedback, I offer the following protocol in an effort to keep us … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving at Clay’s House

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Wanted to Rent

WANTED 2 BEDROOM CONDO Reasonable rent for long term lease agreement. A garage would be great but not a requirement. Utilities included. Most of you know me and my dog, Goose. I have been living in Mazatlan but am missing … Continue reading

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The Times, They are a’Changin’

The second thing we noticed in the grocery store was the fact that high fat, high sugar and high sodium foods are now flagged. Seems like AMLO was serious about improving his constituents’ diet. And no wonder these tortillas are … Continue reading

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A Morning After Thought

I am concerned that my enthusiasm about arriving in paradise might have overflowed. It seems that people in the highlands of this beautiful country may be better at following the rules than the coastal folk. While everyone inside the Ley’s … Continue reading

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Yoga for Cripples Anyone?

After a summer of pretending to be part of my couch, I really need to start stretching. If anyone else is in a similar situation, please let me know and we’ll figure out a time to socially distance and stretch.

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And the Morning Brings Relief

It has been a very long summer. After fleeing uncertainly home in March, I have confronted incredible mouse inundations, millions of house flies invading my kitchen. There were unseasonable major snowstorms in May, June and October, multiple threatening fires, unbreathable … Continue reading

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Home Again

And all is well.

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Gomez Palacio is Nice…

… but I wouldn’t want to live here. Keeping to our travel-in-Mexico rules, we stopped before dark and found a well-hidden Best Western near the river. They have room service and CNN, but no beer. Mexico is serious about this … Continue reading

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