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Survivor's Island Group Meeting

A group of 20-30 EDM residents gathered at the Phase I palapa Saturday afternoon to discuss the short-term future in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. Almost all were planning on staying at EDM for at least the next two weeks. … Continue reading

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Survivor’s Island Meeting Proposed

I propose that we hold a meeting around the Phase 1 pool on Saturday afternoon at 5 pm for those of us that are here and plan to be here for awhile. It makes sense that we know who is … Continue reading

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Carey Market to Limit Hours

The CArey Market store is reducing hours. As of tomorrow the store will be open 8 AM – 4 PM only.

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There is a great way for grandparents and aunts & uncles and parents who might find listening to an audiobook a great way to share time with the kids. Who knows, we might find an old favorite to listen to … Continue reading

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Attention Pickleballers

While we need to get exercise, we need to stay safe. I will bring brand new balls. Each server can have his/ her own ball. Additionally, servers should wear a golf glove on their non-serving hand to remind them not … Continue reading

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Travel Advisory Link Here is an overview of the situation in Mazatlán. Two people from Mazatlán have recently been tested for COVID-19 and proven positive: one is a resident of Mazatlán and the other is a professional golfer, Victor Lange, who participated … Continue reading

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Chiropractic Advice Solicited

Does anyone here know a good chiropractor? Tina Rutherford Kent303-912-8100

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