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101 Years Ago

Amazing how History is repeated! ___________

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Anyone heard from Ed?

What you can help me with: Does anyone have Ed Freeman’s current email address? The one I have used in the past is not functioning so wondering if someone has an updated current one. ??

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Mother’s Day Morning on my Porch

Three weeks ago, I posted a photo of a single broad tailed hummingbird on the feeder hanging from my front porch roof. In defiance of common sense, scores more individuals have joined him even as the temperature plummeted. It’s below … Continue reading

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It has always been apparent to me that we have a distinguished population of residents at EDM. We have nurses, doctors, businesspeople, electricians, bankers, construction workers, teachers, and artists, just to name a few. One of our own has put … Continue reading

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A Sure Sign of Spring

And hope.

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Teachers Beware

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People on the Isla Need Help (revised)

I have wintered on Isla de la Piedra since 2009 in the RV Park, Tres Amigos. It came to my attention in early April that its residents needed some serious help. Dallas Jewall is an American and his wife Rocio … Continue reading

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Greetings from Lance & Jeremy

EDM friends,We hope all of you are safe and healthy. Life here is still wonderful with no real issues, weather has been amazing. Masks are being worn by most everyone, can’t get in Sam’s, Walmart and many stores without one. … Continue reading

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The Bullfight.

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From the Desk of Scott Simon

A bear walks into a bar. “Give me a beer………………………………… and a shot,” he says. “Sure,” says the bartender. “But why the big pause?” “I don’t know. I guess I was born with them.”

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